As a trustworthy legal representative, I use my legal education and experience to provide innovative solutions even to the most challenging criminal matters. My systematic approach and client collaboration give me an advantage in achieving favorable results for my clients. The legal process can be confusing and frightening. With Gary L. Daniels, on your side you can put your mind at ease. Driven by a “Client Service First” philosophy, I explain all charges, possible penalties and all facets of the process to my clients. I also discuss all options for plea bargains and legal defenses.

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Criminal Matters

If you or your loved one is facing criminal charges, Gary L. Daniels, Esq LLC can provide personalized and innovative legal solutions. Hiring a seasoned criminal attorney in sensitive cases can make a critical difference between your freedom or a prison sentence. I represent my clients throughout the legal process from counseling to attending trials and sentences. I will assert your rights and relentlessly defend you at all court levels, be it at the appellate, state or federal. I conduct independent and thorough investigations and use expert witnesses to avoid convictions or minimize sentencing.

Traffic Matters

Gary L. Daniels, Esq, LLC uses litigation skills to handle traffic-related cases. Regardless of the traffic or municipal court violation you are accused of, I can effectively handle the case, minimizing costly fines and avoiding longer term consequences. If you have received a speeding ticket or were charged with another traffic related case, contact Gary L. Daniels for a consultation today.


Driving under the influence or while intoxicated is a serious vehicle offense in New Jersey. From costly fines to jail time, a DWI case can affect your driver’s license, record and insurance. Having handled multiple DWI and DUI cases, I have extensive experience using every legal strategy and defense available to result in the best judgement possible.

Juvenile Matters

From the initial complaint to the trial, I work aggressively to administer quality legal representation for your child facing a delinquency case. Gary L. Daniels, Esq, LLC works with you to protect your child’s best interest and future.


Expunging convictions off your criminal record can help turn your life around. At Gary L. Daniels, Esq, LLC, I can give you a fresh start. If your criminal record is a roadblock to starting a new career or relationship, expunging your conviction can improve your opportunities. I can obtain all the necessary documents to expunge a criminal record. If you are uncertain whether your case qualifies for expungement or not, contact Gary L. Daniels, Esq, LLC.

Drug Offenses

Gary L. Daniels, Esq, LLC can protect your rights and future if you or your loved ones have been charged by drug possession. Possession of an illegal substance is considered a felony in the third degree. If you are a first-time offender, I can look into your options and find a suitable drug diversion program to avoid conviction. Contact Gary L. Daniels to schedule a consultation.

Traffic Matters

Gary L. Daniels provides competent and effective legal representation for clients in New Jersey. He devotes intelligent use of time and resources to protect his clients’ interests in the areas of DUI/DWI, criminal, traffic, juvenile, drug and expungement cases.

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